Be Happy Restoration Services: Water Damage Restoration After A Sewage Backup

What To Do After A Sewage Backup?

Sewage and/or wastewater (dirty water) coming up a toilet, sink, or drain is called a sewer backup. It is usually a result of some obstruction in the sewer pipe that prevents the wastewater from flowing. Sewer backups must be stopped, and the affected premises must be cleaned without delay.

Sewer backups are dangerous as, apart from normal water damage, the presence of contaminants and pathogens makes the water hazardous to the health of those coming into contact with it.


There needs to be more than a standard cleanup for sewer backups. A professional water damage restoration service should handle water damage restoration. Be Happy Restoration Service provides damage restoration services in Balch Springs, TX, and neighboring areas. They offer restoration and cleaning services like fire, flood, and water damage restoration, mold removal, asbestos abatement, trauma, crime scene cleanup, etc.

Causes of Sewage Backup

Clogging: Blocks in the main sewer line will cause sewage backup in all the toilets in a home. If the clogging is not removed, sewage overflow persists and can damage the entire house or commercial building.

Tree roots: Tree roots growing near a sewer line can grow into the pipes and block and damage them.

Damaged sewer lines: If the plumbing and sewer systems of a property are old, they can get broken, cracked, or collapse easily. Unlike modern plastic sewer lines, older sewer lines may be made of iron (that rusts) or clay that can break down over time.

Heavy rainfall: Heavy rain can overburden the sewer system of a town or area. When the public system is overburdened by excess water, the water can flow back into connected sewer lines to homes.

What To Do Immediately After Sewer Backup?

Hiring professional water damage technicians after a sewer backup is always best. But some homeowners may attempt to clean up minor sewage spills after taking precautions and wearing personal protective equipment. However the water damage restoration is handled, some precautions must be taken, which include:

Children, elders, and pets must be evacuated. There must be no contact with the sewage water or anything in the contaminated area.

Utility companies may be informed, and the electricity, water, and gas supply may be shut off if necessary.

Avoid flushing toilets or using sinks and tubs. The water supply system must not be used until the problem causing sewage backup is detected and managed.

Windows can be kept open to allow ventilation.

Remove dry, uncontaminated items to avoid exposure if needed.

The insurance company can be notified, and pictures can be taken to document the damage for proof during the insurance claim process.

No attempt to unclog drains must be made before the sewage water is removed and the cause of the backup is addressed.

Avoid contact with contaminated water and wear protective clothing like face masks, boots, goggles, and gloves when needed.

DIY Cleanup

It is always safer to avoid DIY in case of sewer backup. When the damage is minimal after the precautions listed above, a sump pump or wet vacuum may be used for water removal. These equipment and industrial dehumidifiers for drying can be rented. Floors can then be cleaned with detergents and disinfected. Carpets, rugs, and upholstery exposed to sewer water must be discarded.

Hire A Professional

Since sewer backups are hazardous to health and can be more damaging to the property because of the contaminants in the water, it is safer and more cost-effective to get water damage restoration done by a professional.

Professionals use all safety measures and follow all guidelines from local bodies and industry standards. Highly trained water damage restoration technicians have the knowledge and expertise to work safely and quickly. Companies like Be Happy Restoration Services have specialized equipment that removes water, dries, cleans, and disinfects property swiftly and meticulously. This ensures that the building will not pose any risk to its occupants after water damage restoration. When the process is quick, the chances of complications or secondary water damage due to prolonged exposure to water are also significantly reduced.

Be Happy Restoration Services is a locally owned and operated company that prioritizes making the aftermath of water damage as stress-free as possible. Their professional and courteous service is focused on delivering quality work that allows customers to focus on other aspects without worrying about the restoration. Homeowners and businesses who need water damage services in Balch Springs, TX, can rely on Be Happy Restoration Services and contact them on the number (214) 616-9951.

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